Christian vs Biblical (Biblical Counseling in Dallas)


Some Therapists are Christians who do not necessarily use the Bible as the basis of the counseling direction. I believe using world centered science in a Christian is like taking your car to a bicycle repair shop, the manuals are just too different to rely on the world's wisdom to do counseling work in a believer.  


Biblical counseling in Dallas can sometimes focus on using scriptures as a magical tool to recite or memorize so that you "get better" or become "less anxious". I believe this is a misuse of the wisdom God has placed in the Bible to guide us as to how we should love others and enter into suffering.

My Biblical Counseling Style

I believe our hearts are created by God and that we have longings (many unmet) in us, our desire to control these longings and not feel can lead to our pain and dysfunction.  I move towards hearts and help my clients feel, move with you into suffering and care for you as God works.